Insect Warfare Interview


mighty mothafuckin beau beasly for those that dont know. who are you and what bands have you played for?

im just a regular dude, with a regular job that played guitar badly in insect warfare and about 20 other easily as crappy bands.

how did insect warfare come to be? what was the plan?

though i wasn’t in the first incarnation of IW I did witness the first shows of what would become IW. Rahi, Neil, and Frank were already playing shows as a 3 piece (under a different name i believe) doing super noisy grind kind of stuff like we ended up doing on the Noise Grind Power Death LP. at some point they added a bass player and after a show or two he felt he couldn’t handle some of the more extreme parts of rahi’s live antics. he split and they asked me if id like to jump in on bass. From that point we recorded the demo, first 7″, and split with Hatred Surge. That was the true first line up and all I really know about the plan with the band was that Neil and Rahi wanted to do extreme grind core with noise and slight death metal elements . Around the Endless Execution 7″ i took over guitar and songwriting from that point and my goal was to also make noisy grind core that was both fast as fucking but would also have heavier type power violence or “slow” parts thrown in to mix it up a little. Thats pretty much it really.

care to elaborate what some of those “crappy” bands were?

i guess the most recent ones would have been the homopolice, lysol ss, no talk, and i get to wear the honor of being one of the first honorary live members of hatred surge

im honestly surprised you didnt mention machine gun romantics.

ah yes,that and knucklescraper but thats pretty far back, like way back

how hard was the change from playing power violence to grindcore? what would you say the key differences are between the 2 genres?

for me it wasnt that hard really. i listened to both styles of music alot when i was growing up and theres a lot of common ground. i think the two main differences to me were with powerviolence there was the whole fast/slow thing which in alot of grindcore really isnt that prevelant. well, i mean napalm death was doing it with all those celtic frost type riffs but alot of current bands were just fast all the time. i guess the other thing was just the complete increase in speed. we were playing fast in MGR but in IW it was just a whole different level. you are talking single foot blasts into double foot hyper shit. also, id like to point out that if you actually think about alot of the slower riffs on world extermination you can see i was trying to work in some of powerviolence things into our sound. things like crossed out and despise you huge influences to me through all that shit.

would you consider ground a grindcore band or a false grindcore band and do you like the locust?

thats funny, i had this conversation with my friend today at lunch. ive never heard ground. im pretty out the loop. dude there was a huge chunk of time after iw where i didnt even use the internet i never disliked the locust. there are parts i could do without but i really did think locust was doing some pretty forward thinking shit with mixing the weird synth noise and blasts. we just did that shirt because, 1. we knew it would stir shit and 2. insect warfare/locust. its too easy to do


What made you call it quits when the band was getting such a positive response?

by that point i felt i pretty much had written all the riffs i could without repeating myself or venturing into weird waters. i didnt want to change the sound of the band or milk “fans” by just putting out the same shit over and over. i decided to call it quits in hopes of keeping the discography solid. then we did the noisecore record and i know some people think im full of shit when i say this but i truly feel that is my favorite recording. its what i think grindcore should sound like. well, in my head at least.

can we expect anymore shows or recording from IW in the future?

well, no recordings for sure that part is dead. i even tried to write some riffs when we were rehearsing and they SUCKED. i think that was just a really fucked up time in my life and i milked out as much as i could. also, as i said earlier, i dont want to be a band just fucking doing shit to be doing shit as far as shows we did europe, we did the usa. we are done. there is a little talk about australia in japan but thats a while down the line and might not happened at all. you never know. id love to play mexico city at least once but i dont know. once again, i dont want to be one of those reunion/festival bands. we kind of are in some peoples opinions at thise point and i can feel that but i also just feel like so many people write us emails that never got to see use when we were active that i think we all feel kind of obligated to at least do it again for those people. i mean shit, if i could make arsedestroyer get together and do mdf i would be all for it. so i understand that

how does it make you feel knowing that deathtoll 80k does insect warfare better than insect warfare?

ha, you know, people have asked me that before and i’ve never actually heard them but im going to youtube right now and giving it a listen.

[at this point in time. beau listens to deathtoll 80k]

oh wow. this is good. back when i was an avid grind listener i would have totally listened to this and ripped it off. i like their intro. i really like the vocals alot. rahi has always been my fav grind vocalist aside from jon change and lee dorian but this guy is right up there

How do you feel about fans calling the scene dead?

well i got into it the underground scene back the late 90s and through out that time it always went in and out of death every few years. i actually think its as big or bigger now than it was in the 80s during napalms huge hay day the internet as really done alot about spreading awareness through music. back before the internet you had to really dig to find bands and scenes, especially places like houston, were alot smaller if someone was wearing a agathocles shirt and you saw them you knew they were a common freak now its so common i wouldnt bat an eye seeing a kid in a mall wearing one so, to answer your question, its quite alive and kicking.

What bands are you most excited for now?

ha, nothing. thats terrible ive recently only been listening to dj screw and j dilla

any plugs shout outs you wanna give?

everyone should listen to PLF if they already don’t. dave and bryan are fucking killing it

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Penitentiary Interview


Thanks for doing the interview brother, lets start off with some band history. When, where and how did you guys start?

Jake-Gabe got together with me at Blood In Blood Outs last show at cobra lounge in 2015 and made plans to jam, with the idea of combining hardcore with thrash metal, trying to bring together the sounds of hardcore greats such as Irate, Terror Ave, and Sworn Enemy.
Went from there and got chris and vic in it in Feb 2016 for our first jam session. And last, After a vocal try out, we added Mason Bryan of Blackwater about a month later, forming what is now known as Penitentiary ,and began to work on our first demo. Other bands we’ve been in are Blood In Blood Out, Blackwater, To Tha Pavement, Choking On Reality, and Shut The F**k Up

How would you describe Penetentiary’s sound? What are some of the bands biggest influences?

Mason- Its mainly a mix of 90s death metal , late 90s metallic hardcore, and 2000s moshcore. Our biggest influence would be Irate, Terror Ave. Sworn Enemy,Biohazard, & All Out War.

Mason, your vocals have a unique and powerful style, what vocalists do you look up to?

Mason-Well I initially got into hardcore and metal through hip hop, the first hardcore band I ever got into was 25 Ta Life, and that’s where I formed my vocal style originally from. So honestly, part of me still looks up to Rick Ta Life. But as for who I really look up to when it comes to vocalist, I would have to say Robb Flynn of Machine Head because He delivers hard ass vocals all while playing sick riffs for YEARS, Mad Joe of Wisdom In Chains because he is just a great front man and I respect him as a vocalist for not only his unique vocal style, but also for the fact that his stage presence can just turn a whole crowd into a hardcore family. I matter where WIC plays, and I want to be able to do that someday

Jake, your riffs are absolutely skull crushing and your old band Blood In Blood Out has been an influence on some of my music. What are the most influential albums to your style? Any guitarists you look up to?

Jake-I’m an old metal head. I got into hardcore thru my love for metal, abs my mutual respect for punk and the lifestyle that comes along w it. That being said, everything I write at its heart is metal. Some of my favorite guitarists are Rocky George from Suicidal, Glen Tipton and KK Downing from Judas Priest, Matt Henderson when he was with AF back in the day…so on and so forth. I also love Rest in Pieces “under my skin”. It has some of the most unique guitar work for a hardcore band from that era. There’s way too many. I could go on for days.

What’s the most memorable show you guys have ever played?

Mason-Honestly, we would have to say our first hometown/home state show in Gary, Indiana last year opening a weekday show for our boys in Purgatory. We opened the show early, and yet the crowd lit up, the pit went wild, kids were running up from out of nowhere to yell our lyrics into the mic with us, and just the love and support we received from our hometown crowd just was amazing, especially for being only our second show as a band altogether. It really reminded us of why we do this, and of how supportive the INHC family really is.

Do you have any big shows coming up?

Mason-We honestly consider every show a big show. No matter where it’s at it or who it’s with. But as for now, our next two shows are back to back on March 31st in Milwaukee with Detain and Stone, and then the next day in Indianapolis for a huge Punk/thrash/hardcore festival along with Danny Greene, A.S.D., & Jake and Chris’s other band SHIT THE FUCK UP. Hopefully we’ll be booking some more shows here in the future…We sound like such a dad rock band as I answer these haha.

As a kid our music heros were badass legends, then we start to realize they’re losers, then we become those losers haha…When can we expect some new material or merch from you guys and where can people get their hands on the old stuff?

Mason-We just re-released our 3 song 2016 Demo AS A SPLIT wth the badasses in the French Metal/Hardcore band Entertain The Terror. BUT We just finished a new song called Piece of Mind which we premiered at our last show in Gary a few weeks back, and we are working on a few more at the moment, and we will be working on releasing our full length album by mid summer of 2017.


How’s the hardcore scene in Indiana? Any local bands you want to give a shout out to?

Mason-Indiana Hardcore is a family. Especially here in Northwest Indiana. We have a lot of Chicago and Illinois fam mixed in with us, but it has just made the scene here stronger. There is nothing but love and acceptance here. INHC is forever, and once you’re a part of it, you’re family. You won’t break us, you won’t divide us.

As for bands, there are too many to give love to, but we gotta send love to Silverhammer, Life After Death, Mal Intent, No Victory, Counterweight, Bruise, Sarin, and all of our other friends in Indiana/Chicago who have supported us since Day 1. There’s too many to name. But we got mad love for you all.

Thanks so much for the interview guys, hope to see you in Denver soon! Anything you guys want to add?

Not a problem man, thank you for this opportunity. As for last words, We just wanna say that we seriously appreciate all the support and love we have received since we started his band, and we couldn’t do this without all of you. And if you ain’t with Violent & Defiant, you f**ing up



[Interview By Jaymes Grundmann]

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Before I Had Wings Interview


Whatsup Wojo, stoked you could do this interview! How did Before I Had Wings get started?

BIHW was started by Dav the guitarist and myself back in 2009. Our old band was on the verge of breaking up so we decided to start a new project together. We didnt have a full band so we wrote all our old demo tracks on a drum machine. Fast forward 8 years later, now we have a full steady lineup and are tighter than ever.


How would you describe Before I Had Wings to someone who’s never listened? What bands have been most influential to your sound?

I usually describe our sound as heavy hardcore or “moshcore”. We draw a ton of influence from early 2000′s bands like Black My Heart, On Broken Wings, and First Blood. As well as modern beatdown bands such as Nasty and World Of Pain. Sometimes we throw a little Nu Metal in there too. We just mix everything we love hearing into our music. I know all the other guys influences range from Waking The Cadaver, Stigmata, Meshuggah, Madball, Coal Chamber, etc etc but in the end we like to keep that early 2000′s “moshcore” sound.

What releases have you guys put out so far? When can we look forward to some new stuff and where can people buy it?

We have released Two 8 song EPS. The first is Burn The Impure in 2012 then Dethroned in 2016. Both can be downloaded at our bandcamp, Spotify, and other online music apps. Hardcopies of Dethroned can be bought via FWH RECORDS. We are currently finishing up writing our full length Life Has Left Us Cold for a FWH RECORDS release later this year.

What vocalists have had an influence on your style, who do you look up to?

I dont really look up to any vocalist per say. However the style i love the most is that “tough guy” hardcore style, bands like xTyrantx, Hatebreed, Until The End, World Of Pain, Recon, First Blood. I tend to stick with that style the most. Always got chills from hearing vocals like that from bands.

What are your top ten favorite albums of all time?

I dont really have a top ten albums of all times. Id say the albums i listen to the most tho are Until The End – Blood In The Ink, World Of Pain – Improvise & Survive, Machine Head – The Burning Red, Bury Your Dead – Cover Your Tracks, Shattered Realm – From The Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing, Let It Die – Stick To Your Guns, Hatebreed – Rise Of Brutality, Biohazard – Uncivilization, Everclear – World Of Noise, and First Blood – Killafornia

What was the craziest show you guys have ever played?

2 come to mind. 1 was a show called Hickmosh in Upstate NY. Someone had the bright idea of booking a bunch of bands under a tent next to a cornfield. When we got on kids started ripping up the corn stalks, throwing them, hitting each other with them, pretty sure a dude was swinging around a lit tahiki lamp or whatever they are called. Thought the tent was going to get torn down mid set too. Fun times. The other was at The Webster Underground in Hartford CT. We were playing a show with Code Orange, Twitching Tongues, Soul Search, and Gator King. Place went nuts. Nonstop carnage from start to finish. We’ve had alot of other shows like that as well but those are the ones that stuck with us the most.

Any big shows or tours coming up?

I personally just had a baby so our touring isnt going to be as extensive this year but so far we are playing the 5th annual Toxic Show this year in NJ with Billy club Sandwich, Homicidal, Strength For A Reason, Punch Your Face, Sentenced To Fight, and more. Doing a 4 day run with our friends in Misgiver and Dissent sometime in May, and playing Puerto Rico in August with a bunch of awesome bands like Cold As Life, Absolute Suffering, Drowning, Smash Your Enemies, and a bunch of our other friends. We have other shows lined up to but just keep an eye out on our Facebook or Instagram to find out where and with who. Who knows what else will pop up. Its only the beginning of the year so…


What’s your favorite song to play live? Which song seems to get the crowd the most violent?

It varies from show to show but id say Dethroned, Dash Hopes, and/or Unworthy. Those seem to be the ones that get people going the most. Hopefully our new shit amps everyone up as well. Cant wait to unleash this shit on the world.

How’s your local hardcore scene? Any bands you want to give a shout out to?

Where im from we really dont have a scene, i mean there are a couple of guys trying to bring shows here but as a whole its almost dead. I have to travel to Upstate NY or further into Western Mass for shows. We consider Albany NY and the surrounding areas as our home scene tho. They’ve always welcomed any band i was in with open arms. To me they have an awesome scene. Shout out to our Albany boys in Brick By Brick, Concrete, Wrong Move, Invoke Thy Wrath, and Trife Life.


Thanks for the interview bro hope you guys swing thru denver sometime! Anything you want to add?

Shout out to FWH RECORDS and all the bands, bookers, promoters, and fans who support us.


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Hey Serge, glad to have you here! I’ve been a big fan and we’ve been talking since your split with Kraanium came out. Give us a rundown on the history of Epicardiectomy, how/when/where did you guys start?epi2

Hey Jaymes, yeah it’s been a while man! Thanks for the kind words and doing this interview. Our drummer Milan started the band in 2007. The band wasn’t much active in the beginning, there were a line-up changes all the time before the year of 2009 when me on guitar and Tom on vocals joined the band. In this line-up, we finally felt ourselves ready to start making something serious. From that time till now a big work has been done, we rereleased 2 full-length albums and one split CD, headlined numerous shows and tours in Czech republic and around the world, played the biggest European and other countries festivals like Obscene Extreme Festival, Brutal Assault Festival, Mountains of Death (RIP), Neurotic Deathfest, Death Feast Open Air, Bay Area Death Fest, and many more. Unfortunately, Tom had to leave the band in 2014. We have a new singer now and Andrew is the sickest. I consider current line-up as one of the strongest in the whole history of the band.

You guys have really been champions of the ultra-ignorant style of slam. What bands have been influential to your writing?

There’re many bands which influenced Epicardiectomy groovy sound. For me personally it’s mostly NY brutal death metal bands from the 90’s like Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Dehumanized, Repudilation, Entorturment and TXDM from the late 90’s-beginning of 2000’s, bands like Devourment, Sintury, Prophecy, Sect of Execration etc. We were also kinda influenced by the newer slam bands like Cephalotripsy, Abominable Putridity, Digested Flesh and definitely Japanese scene with bands like Vomit Remnants, Disconformity, Glossectomy, Gorevent.

What are your top ten favorite albums of all time?

Slayer – Reign in Blood
Sepultura – Arise
Death – Symbolic
Dying Fetus – Destroy the Opposition
Suffocation – Pierced From Within
Cryptopsy – None So Vile
Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding
Vader – Black to The Blind
Pyrexia – Sermon of Mockery
Decapitated – Winds of Creation

There’re more of course, I have many favorite albums, ten is definitely not enough.

It seems like there’s a split between Disgorge type BDM fans and Cephalotripsy type fans these days. You’re a perfect person to call bullshit on that divide since you’ve written both styles with Epicardiectomy and Fleshbomb. Are there any current brutal death bands you’re really into?

I really don’t care about so-called splits, I think we are all doing the same thing. I prefer unity and mutual support instead of trying to prove hard who’s cooler and whose dick is longer. Slam is a sub-genre of death metal, like it or not. From the newer bands on the scene, I personally love Devangelic, Embodied Torment, Omnipotent Hysteria, Neurogenic, Unfathomable Ruination. There is a whole bunch of them actually.

In my opinion you guys just keep getting better, the 2015 promo is testicle-shatteringly brutal. When can we look forward to a new album?

Thanks a lot brother. We are still working on new songs. We had to take almost a year break because of me and drummer were opening a bar in Prague. But now we are back to business and plan to release the new album in the middle of the next year.

What’s the most brutal show you guys have played and what’s the craziest live moment you’ve experienced? Which songs get the crowd going the most?

I would say people’s all times favorite live tracks are “Deranged Self-Mutilating Emasculation”, “Gobbling the Erupted Intestinal Mass”, “Fornicating in Pulverized Feces”.
We played a lot of awesome shows after which we had to say “damn son, that was our best show so far”. Our fans always give us an amazing support. One of the craziest experiences was probably at Brutal Assault festival. We had to play at the same time Slayer were playing on the main stage and we already prepared to see nobody will be there watching us. But we were so surprised to see how many people actually came and when they started yelling “Epicardiectomy! Fuck Slayer!” we realized that our fans are the craziest motherfuckers out there hahaha! That was a pure blasphemy!

Do you have any tours or big shows coming up? Can I plan on seeing you in Denver again?

We have plenty of shows booked for the end of this year and next year already. Some cool festivals coming up next year including places we never played before, like Serbia. Bristol Deathfest will be awesome too, we don’t get to play in UK too often, so it’s always nice. We are working on the couple of tours too; and I hope we will be able to come back to US with tour again. epi1

Where can people get their hands on some merchandise?

We plan to update our bigcartel store soon, haven’t done it in a while because of being busy with work. Some new merch coming up too so keep your eyes pealed.

How’s the scene in the Czech Republic? Any local bands you’d want to give a shout out to?

The scene in Czech Republic is pretty small, same as the size of the country itself hehe But definitely some good bands, if you still haven’t check out Fleshless, Heaving Earth, Perfecitizen, Sectesy, Congenital Anomalies, Efecto Despotismo, Jig-Ai, Ahumado Granujo, Poppy Seed Grinder, Imperial Foeticide.

Thanks for your time brother, is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you bro! Peace to everybody, think positive and be happy. Oh yeah, and stay fucking brutal of course!

[Written by Jaymes Grundmann]

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Capitalist Casualties Interview


So Mike, would you be so kind to introduce yourself to the world on who are you and what you do?

I am Mike Vinatieri I play guitar for Capitalist Casualties and bass for Savage.

So lets talk Capitalist Casualties, how did it all begin?

Well originally I didn’t play guitar for them, I was in a band called Double Ugly. But I’ve played on every release except the demo tape Jeff, Shawn, Matt, and Arthur Bowen started it in Robert park in 1986.

What would you say separates Capitalist Casualties from a majority of power violence / fast hardcore bands?

Well we didn’t try to play power violence since it wasn’t a thing yet. We loved Dr. Know, D.R.I., Raw Power, Rudimentary Peni, etc and tried sounding like them but we were much to fast because of the amount of stimulants we did

What bands or anything in general influenced you?

Drugs, the first 2 d.r.i. albums, being poor, living in cars, being angry, and drugs lol

I would have to say you guys are one the founding fathers of power violence, did you you expect it to become what it is today?

Not at all we were playing with Operation Ivy, Green Day, Crimpshine, etc and their crowds hated us. Not till we went to SoCal and met Crossed Out, No Comment, Man Is The Bastard, etc. As well as Plutocracy from our area and a little later Spazz did we feel like we might have carved a small niche in the hardcore scene

Anything new for CC such as albums or shows in the works?

In October we have cd with Brujeria, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nuclear Assault. Then we might have a pretty interesting tour I can’t elaborate on right now. We have a split with Thulsa Doom in the works as well

Any message youd like to give out to any of the new jacks in the pv / grind scene?

Just keep doing what ur doing, motherfuckers will hate u but a couple won’t. They hate us cuz they anus

Any shoutouts or plugs youd like to add?

Yea if I had all day I would love to, but I’ll try to keep it short. All our friends, families and loved ones we love u. And Sierra, happy birthday

[Interview Done By JP Williams]

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Bodybag1Whatsup Gerardo! I’ve been a huge fan of your music for years and was pretty upset when you left No Zodiac. I can’t tell you how stoked I am to see you making brutality again and your shit just keeps getting better. How and when did Bodybag start?

Yooo!! Thank you for your kind words man. Im happy to be back in the music world specially alongside some of my best friends. Bodybag was started last year. The lineup includes Daniel Bond, (original NZ guitarist, Inferno, IED), Thomas Stella, (guitarist Bitter Thoughts, IED) Sergio Mendoza (bass Silverhammer, Inferno, Malintent) Alex ‘Beaver” Boyajian (drums Bitter Thoughts, Piece of Mind). Can’t really tell you how we started, It hasn’t been that long but when you are having fun with your friends things just happen and heavy shit is made.

You guys fuse beatdown and slam together perfectly (love that you rep SCWW). What bands have been the most influential to your style?

Yea bro we love them both. When it comes to beatdown you cannot say Bulldoze. Then there is also Ten of Swords, 43 Urban the list is way too long. When it comes to slam Dysentery, Devourment, Internal Bleeding, Dying Fetus, Abominable Putridity etc.

I’ve always loved your lyrics and the old No Zodiac demos had a huge impact on my life. It’s refreshing to have a heavy band with MEANING to their songs. What kind of message do you try to get across with your lyrics? What vocalists have been influences to you?

Thanx man. The lyrics reflect our life, some lyrics talk about faith and our struggles with it, others talk about how we feel towards the world and shit that happens all around us. I don’t try to get any message across. We just hope people take something positive out of it.


What are your top 5 favorite hardcore albums?

Oh man that’s a hard question. My top five hardcore albums are

1. Bulldoze-The Final Beatdown 2.Death Threat- Peace and Security 3. Blood in Blood Out- Respect our Loyalty 4.The Killer -Better Judged by Twelve than Carried by Six. 5.E-Town Concrete- Time To Shine
Do you have any new merch, if so where can we get our hands on it?

You can get some dope shit here.. and here as well
Do you have any new releases coming up? When and where can we expect it?

We finished our new record a few weeks ago, its tilled “Hard Death” it will be out in a couple weeks and you can expect it on our labels website.

How would you rate the underground Chicago music scene? What bands do you want to give a shout out to?

The Scene is dope man. We are lucky to have promoters like Jon Ortiz, Shane Merril and Braking The Law Booking. They do all the good shows in the city. We get great turnouts and great support for touring bands . Shout out to Mal Intent, Inferno, Silverhammer, Bitter Thoughts, Through & Through, Blackwater, Penitentiary, No Victory, Counterweight, Absent Mind, Pit Control, Domestic Terror and 38 Snub.

What’s the craziest show you’ve ever played? Are there any badass shows or tours that you guys are on coming up?

We played ohio a few months ago, shit got wild and we did a cover that got a bunch of dudes butthurt but fuck it.. Columbus Ohio is our second home. Every time we played there shit gets wild.. Beatdown Nation in Brooklyn was also dope as fuck.

What are your personal favorite Bodybag/No Zodiac songs? What’s your favorite song to play live?

I’m over NZ songs to be honest man but if I had to cose it was “Drowning”, “Population Control” and “Sadistic intent”. As for Bodybag , “Whipping Post”, “Tormented”, “Burden Of The Cross”, “Generation Victim” and “Atonement”.bodybag2

Thanks so much for the interview Gerardo, really hope to see you play live soon! Is there anything you’d like to add? Any shout outs?

Thank YOU for the interview bro. .. pick up the new album, support underground music and FUCK TRUMP!


[Written by Jaymes Grundmann]

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Byonoisegenerator Interview

byonoisegenerator4Hey Roman, glad to have you here! To start, tell us about how and when Byonoisegenerator started?

Hi, Jaymes I’m very glad to see you too! ByoNoiseGenerator started in March of 2014 as a one-man project. Then I went to record first demo “Research 2014” and asked my friends Andrey ( “BIGOT”,guitar) and Yura ( “SYMBIOTHIC”,vocal) to help. So, demo was recorded and then got a full line up with guitar-player Roman (also “Dormant Carnivore”, “Aborted Fetus”), bass-player Artem and vocalist Tim (also “Collapsed Mentality”) and in August of 2015 we went to studio and recorded our “Turbulent Biogenesis”. Then, Artem had to change his work and moved to Moscow and Alexey “Root” (also “Fatal Error”, “Putrefied Cadaver”) joined to our band.

You guys have a very experimental sound as far as brutal death metal goes and it definitely stands out in the current sea of Disgorge clones. How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you?

Originally we didn’t want to sound like other bands. Music is one of the most amazing things in this world. There are so many awesome styles, songs, riffs, and we decided to fuse the most of crazy styles in our music. We refused gore lyrics, repeating slow groovy riffs and serious faces (ha-ha) because all of these things are already used by other bands. But we are love Disgorge so much, yes! Ha-habyonoisegenerator1

You guys have a lot of creative and refreshing noise parts, what bands are influential to your style? Who are your favorite brutal death bands?

We listen to many different bands in different styles from jazz and pop-music to brutal and grindcore music. When we write our own stuff we try to forget all we’ve listened to before and it helps us to create non stereotypical music. We try to play the most intense, fast and brutal riffs we can and then add some jazzy or psychedelic parts. If we like it, we keep it, if no, we continue to work! Our favorite brutal bands are Malignancy, Putridity, Last Days Of Humanity, Bufihimat, Inopexia, Foetopsy, Cock and Ball Torture, Psychofagist, Coprobaptized Cunthunter, Stalino, VX, Orchidectomy etc etc .

What drummers do you look up to?

Oh, there are so many cool drummers I like… Mike Heller (Malignancy), Jon Engman (Foetopsy), Caleb Dolister (The Kandinsky Effect), Mark Guiliana, Nate Smith, Richard Christy (Death), Federico (Psychofagist), Chad Walls (Pustulated) and many many others!

Some of the most uniquely badass brutal bands seem to be coming out of Russia, is your local scene as awesome as it seems? Are there any other local bands you’d want to give a shout out to?

Yes, Russian underground scene is pretty cool now: many gigs, many new sick bands, many guys who practicing very much and doing their music better and better: Bufihimat, Bigot, Inopexia, Hrust Kostilyo, Visceral Disorder, Set It Raw, Disact… Many bands that I very like to listen or drink and go crazy together. Plus, our local scene has a lot of crazy fans which turn every fucking gig to real celebration!

byonoisegenerator2What are your top 5 favorite albums of all time?

It’s very easy! Of course, there are Malignancy “Cross Species Transmutation”, Death “Individual Thought Patterns”, Foetopsy “In the bathroom”, The Kandinsky Effect “Synesthezia” and Coprobaptized Cunthunter “Failure Prosthesis”!

Your debut album “Turbulent Biogenesis” really blew a lot of peoples minds, when can we expect a new release from you guys? Where can people purchase your album?

Are you serious, man? It’s awesome to hear that! We’re preparing new stuff and we really want to do something magic, intensive and teethcrushing. We will surprise your ears again and again, I hope! It should be out in late of 2016 or early 2017 and you can buy our “Turbulent Biogenesis” on our label, Ungodly Ruins Productions!

What was the sickest show you guys have played? What’s your favorite song to play live?

We try to make our show as sick as we can! Listeners don’t just want to hear the music but see some performance on the scene And we try to giving it to them. Our energy, our music and all crazy things that we want to do for 5 or 100 listeners, it doesn’t matter. Recently, we had show with Devourment and 7H.Target in Ekaterinburg and it was pretty amazing! My entire body was in pain on the next day, haha!

Thanks so much for the interview brother, is there anything else you’d like to add?

byonoisegenerator3 Thank you very much for your interest in us, Jaymes! I hope we will visit your country and can to talk and drink with our listeners! Listen to good music, support underground scene and stay NOISE!!!


 [Written by Jaymes Grundmann]

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Ground Interview

ground1Whatsup Mike, glad to have you here! I’m a huge fan of your work with Waking The Cadaver and now you’re destroying the grind scene with your new band Ground. How did you guys get started?

Thanks man! Me and Alex, the bassist of Waking the Cadaver at time, always wanted to do a hardcore/grindcore band, so we decided to form Ground to get our grind fix. The original idea was to have minimal blast beat parts, and well you see how that turned out haha!


What bands have influenced your writing the most? What would you compare your sound to?

We are mostly influenced by your typical grindcore, hardcore, and death metal bands. Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Madball, and Mortician are some of our biggest influences for this band. I would say our sound is very rooted in old school grindcore, but we aren’t afraid to write an ignorant beatdown either.

What releases do you have coming up? Got any merch? Where can I get my hands on it?

We just dropped a split 7″ on Unholy Anarchy Records with Bandit from Delaware and we are about the hit the studio August 12 to record our third full length “Squalor”. You can get merch from us at some of that hot grind swag!

ground3What’s the most memorable show you guys have played so far? Do brutal death or grind fans pit harder? Haha

Our most memorable show would definitely have to be playing Maryland Deathfest this year. It was a dream come true and an honor to be asked to share the stage with some of our favorite bands. Death metal dudes love the push mosh, grindcore kids like to smoke cigarettes outside during a band’s set, and hardcore kids like fight invisible people and each other. All the above are cool I suppose.

What’s the local scene in Jersey like? Any bands you’d like to give a shout out to?

Our scene is pretty cool. We got Durian, Pink Mass, Organ Dealer, and Toxicology to name a few we fuck with that play grind.

What are your top ten favorite albums of all time? (Any genre)

1. Napalm Death- From Enslavement to Obliteration
2. Suffocation- Pierced from Within
3. Carcass- Symphonies of Sickness
4. Cryptopsy- Blasphemy Made Flesh
5. Cannibal Corpse- Tomb of the Mutilated
6. Sepultura- Beneath the Remains
7. Slayer- Seasons in the Abyss
8. Slipknot- s/t
9. Dying Fetus- Destroy the Opposition
10. Hatebreed- Satisfaction is the Death of Desire

What kind of equipment do you use?


For guitars I play a USA Jackson SL2H soloist and an Ibanez JEM, both with EMG pickups. For an amp is use a 1995 2 channel Mesa Dual Recitifer with a Maxon OD808 as a boost in front through a Mesa oversized cab.

ground2You guys have a unique sound but a lot of modern extreme bands seem to just regurgitate the same shit. What bands are you into these days, who’s killin it?


Thanks man! As far as what we like right now, we dig Full of Hell, Homewrecker, Archagathus, and Triac.

Do you guys have any big shows/tours coming up?


Right now we are laying low and focusing on recording Squalor. We just need someone to put that bitch out!! Otherwise we’ll self release it. Expect some new jams soon.

Thanks for the interview brother, anything else you’d like to add, anyone you wanna give a shout out to?

Thanks for taking the time to interview me man, shout out to everyone who gets down on the ground.

[Written by Jaymes Grundmann]

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Perceptions of Torment interview

POTliveWhatsup brother, glad to have you here! Lets start off with the history of Perceptions of Torment. Where, when and how did you guys start?

Whats up man, thanks for the interview. Charlie and I came up with the idea for P.o.T in 2013 in Las Vegas . We are getting up there in age and really wanted one last full bore effort before we couldn’t anymore.

How would you describe your music? What bands have influenced the writing?

We think our sound is pretty unique . Its more of a groovy southern feel than your typical BDM and we try to incorporate face melting heaviness with it. As far as influential bands, a lot of old school bands like Cannibal Corpse, Carcass and lot of newer techy/slam bands.

Where can people hear your music and what releases are in the future?

We have videos on youtube and our music is on our Facebook page. We are currently writing our full length, “ELEGANCE IN POST MORTEM”.

Who are your favorite brutal death vocalists of all time? What vocalists have influenced your style in particular?

Early Chris Barnes was big for me , I try to improve all the time… I’d say my top 5 are Jimmy Javins from Necrotic Disgorgement, James Shuster from Delusional Parasitosis, Robby Wooten from Coathanger Abortion, my boy from Dehumanized and Scott Savaria from Dysentery.

What’s your local scene like (as small as it may be)?

We have no local scene here…Hahahahaha, none.

What are your top 10 favorite metal bands?

Hmmmmm, I’d have to say Scattered RemnantsNecrotic Disgorgement, Dragging Entrails, Vomit Remnants, Jenovavirus, Malebolgia, Necrambulant, Kyojin Daigyakusatsu, Gutted and The Haunted.


What are some of the best shows you’ve played? Which set do you think that you totally killed it with?

Las Vegas Death Fest 2015 was an amazing first show, but the set we played at Building Temples From Death Fest last year is by far my favorite. It all just sounded and felt great.

Are there any recent brutal death/slam releases you’ve really been into lately? What current bands would you like to give a shout out to?

Yeah man, Kraanium seem to be tearing it up pretty good. New Dragging Entrails I’m really looking forward to. Carnal Disfigurement is just insane. A huge shout out to every band busting their ass to keep the scene heavy and going.

What shows can we look forward to seeing this year? Are you printing any merchandise (and where can we purchase it)?

Our next show is in October at Field of the Dead Open Air fest in Arkansas and LVDF 9 next year. We got some new merch that we’re getting ready to go with. Some shirts and shorts which will all be available through the band.


Thanks so much for your time bro, always happy to hear from you! Any shout outs you’d like to add?

Thanks so much Jaymes! We love all y’all and loom forward to kicking your asses very soon.


[Written by Jaymes Grundmann]

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What’s up Mr. Hyde! So honored to have such a legend in the underground hip hop/gore community! Give us a run down on your history. When and how did you start making music?

What’s up??! Appreciate that! I was always into all kinds of music even as a little kid. I used to go through my Mom’s huge collection of vinyl albums and play em all with headphones on. All dope 60′s 70′s and 80′s shit like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Hall and Oates, All Green, Prince and Barry White, along with countless other great stuff.

I listened to everything growing up, but as I got a little older I got into Metal. Bands like Slayer and Metallica were my favorites. The songs were so incredible that it would inspire me to write my own lyrics. I was also addicted to horror movies so when I first started writing, my loves for Metal and horror influenced my early lyrics to be super violent. As I got to my teen years, I started to get into hip-hop cause a few of my best friends were really into it.

What was the first moment you knew music was gonna be your career and lifestyle? What material of yours really started to get people’s attention?

I give a lot of credit to NY Underground Radio Shows like The Stretch And Bobbito Show for really getting me interested in wanting to rap. Me and my best friend used to stay up late every Thursday night and listen to the show and record all the dope new shit on blank cassettes.

At the end of the show, they would always take live callers and they would freestyle basically until they were cut off or hung up on. I would call and rap and get cut off like a lot of others until one night, I didn’t. I remember Bobbito saying “wait, let him finish, He’s not bad.”

Its funny to think something little like that did it, but it gave me a lot of confidence and I never stopped writing rhymes after that. I would write like 6 verses a day lol.
In High School me and a bunch of kids used to battle in the lunch room and some of my friends would tell me I should make a demo and try to get signed.
Shortly after that, I started going to open mic contests in Manhattan and enter. I got some mixed reactions, but that also gave me a lot of confidence. I was on my way…

You’re well known for mixing all sorts different culture into your music as well as being held in high regard in all types of music scenes. What genres of music, movies and art do you draw inspiration from?

Definitely all sorts of music genres and movie culture. Metal, Horror and Gangster flicks for sure.. Movies like The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Goodfellas changed my life and influenced my style.

What rappers or producers have influenced you the most over the years?

I would say I drew my main influence from hip-hop legends like Kool G Rap, Kool Keith, Slick Rick, Geto Boys and NWA. I would say mostly because they were all either extremely hard core or bugged out and original. I knew if artists like them could be successful being raw and original, I knew there might be a place for my crazy, unique and violent style.

What are your top 5 favorite hip-hop albums of all time?

That’s tough man, there are so many I love but if I had to give a top 5 i guess i’d say;
Nas- Illmatic, Kool G Rap- Live and Let Die, Kool G Rap – Wanted Dead Or Alive, Necro- Gory Days, Mr.Hyde- Barn Of The Naked Dead

You and your label mates frequently reference different NYHC, grind and death metal bands and even do collaborations with some. Name your 10 personal favorite metal/hardcore bands?

I’ll give 5 and 5!

Metal: Metallica, Slayer, Black Sabbath Sepultura, Megadeath

Hardcore: Madball, Skarhead, Merauder, SubZero, North Side Kings

You’ve had a handful of solid releases over the years. Are there any songs or albums that you’re particularly proud of?

I feel like Freddy Krueger… “They’re Alllllll My Childern!” I’ll just mention “Street Veteran”. It holds sentimental value because it was the 1st song of mine that was released on an official album.

You, Necro and the PLR family have put on plenty of badass live performances. What are some of the most wild shit that’s gone down at your shows? What shows will you never be able to forget?

There have definitely been some monumental mosh pits at a lot of our shows man. The energy is always insane. 1 that really stands out was the 1st time we did Moscow, Russia. the pits got so crazy that fans were jumping up and hanging from the lighting fixtures until they brought them down and all the lights went out and the show kept going and they were pitting even more brutally!


Are there any newer bands/rappers you’re into these days? Any shout outs you’d like to give?

I’d actually like to shout out any our long time fans that are now rapping or producing themselves and site me and Necro as influences. Good luck with your music!


If money and fame weren’t an issue, what artists do you wish you could collaborate with?

Slayer, Metallica, Kool g Rap, Kool Keith, Bushwick Bill

Is there any new Mr. Hyde shit people should get ready for? If so, when should we expect it?

My brand new solo album “EVIL NEVER DIES” is almost complete. It should be out later this year! Get ready, Its pure evil personified! Keep checking my social media for updates!

Any dope merch coming out? (Personally I’d kill for a Mr. Hyde football jersey and SnapBack haha) Where can people go to buy all your brutal shit?

Go to for all merch music and gear. Itunes links are on the site too! I usually press up new designs right before a big tour.


Thanks so much for your time brother, anything you’d like to add?

No problem man.. my pleasure. Shout out to you homie! Shout out to Necro,my big brother from another mother. And all my Loyal Zombies!!!!

[Written by Jaymes Grundmann]

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